Note to ALL Brides

I do all the hair at my weddings myself, I feel that I am more in control if I do both, I am just as good at Hair as I am at makeup, this will ensure that we don’t have a late bride.

All hair on my site are done by me.

Something to think About!!!!

1. Get a good photographer, no matter how beautiful I do your hair and makeup, you have to look back at your pictures in 10 years time and still be happy, look at portfolio’s and ask for references,.

2. Do a Trial, this will put both of us at ease.

3. Don’t get ready near a place where your guests are, its gets extremely stressful for a bride if she has people popping in unannounced, this is your special day, and how you look should be a surprise.

4.   Don’t surround yourself with people that you know will stress you out, rather ask to get ready in a separate  room, we are flexible enough to move around, HAPPY BRIDE , HAPPY ARTIST.

5. Ask for a touch-up kit, its very important that you look good throughout the night, this can be purchased at an additional fee of R200.00.

6. After the Trial, make sure you are happy and if you want to change anything, I prefer my brides to feel free to give feedback and opinions, you need to be 100% happy.

7. HAVE FUN, this is the most important day of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS.  Lets be honest, we all love Before and After Pics, visit my Facebook Page!!!

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